We are truly grateful to be with them, they were able to bring me back with my family after 2 1/2 years of being separated. They are wonderful, professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, all the team of lawyers and paralegals are there for you, always proactive, they will answer calls or emails on time and giving you updates of your case, I could rated them a trillion stars, trust me, go with them, they will tell you with all honesty the ways to manage your case, and they will be with you through all the immigration journey, they are AWESOME!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

Michelle Barahona


I was in a highly impossible situation with no hope of any positive outcome. The second I spoke with Jordan, she assured me of what can be done. She delivered and got the job done. Jordan and her team are very professional and friendly. Always kept me informed about what's going on, even calling to remind me of my appointments. LOVE this Law firm.....will always refer people to them.

F Ametame


My Name is Leisha Acosta and I want to say that I am Super Satisfied with Attorney Jordan and her Team, She has had my husband case for the past 4 yrs I can say every single process has been done as said, they always explained everything to us and make sure we clearly understand everything before we leave her office.I can say from a 1 to 10 score I'll scored her and her team a 1000. Our case has come to the end and we want to say we couldn't get any better service and support from our attorney Jordan and her Team! I recommend her with my eyes close. And like I said before our case has come to and end, but in our hearts and prayers they will always be!! Jordan you are awesome Thank you for your all I will never have enough to pay you what you have done for us God Bless you! Jessica Thank you so much you are awesome, And Dayris wow Jordan has the best next to her, thank you thank you for everything for being that source of quick communication to My hubby from day one!! To all of you thank you and God bless you all!!
With Love and respect
Holman & Leisha Acosta



Professional, with high quality service. My husband and I have trusted this incredible law firm for over four years. We're thankful for all you've done and will recommend to anyone seeking a hard working law firm team.

Kiara V Garcia


My wife has been previously denied with a different attorney and our journey took over a decade.

Then we were referred to Cauley/Forsythe and while the process isn't overnight due to government burocricies, Cauley/Forsythe was there to guide us

EVERY step of the way.

In fact, my wife's meeting in Juarez was continued leaving her in Mexico for an additional 3 months.

That's when I was EXTREMLEY thankful for choosing Cauley Forsythe, our attorney was in constant contact with us and laid the ground work to acquire final approval.

PLEASE dont make a mistake and choose a different law firm, there success rate speaks for itself - I HIGHLY recommend Cauley Forsythe Law group for your immigration case!

I would give them 10 stars!!

TDP Morrison


Professional, Methodical, and simply the best. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who has any type of Immigration case. They handle all levels of immigration complexity. Recomiendo completamente esta abogada y su oficina de abogados.

K Sobiesiak


I'm so thankful for all members of the Law Firm, vey professionals,they treat you like family. Their expertise and hard work exceeded my expectations.

Sami Yusuf


Excellent service of high quality, professionalism, kindness. The best team of immigration lawyers in the Charlotte area and surrounding areas

Katiuzka Ayala


Mr Cauley will definitely get the job done for you.

Scott R


Best of the best

Rew Boss


Best immigrant lawyer!!!

Jose Rivera


Cauley Forsythe law Group

Ruben Gomez


Very professional and honest. They always kept us up to date on our case and they gave us proof of any type of payment that we made to immigration and everything was very detailed. With them everything was very easy and fast. We were charged just enough and we were always attended by the lawyer. 1000% recommended.

Karen Higareda


My name is Jose Manuel Gonzalez and I feel very grateful to attorney Jordan and all her collaborators throughout the process and successful completion of my citizenship. immediate response to all my calls and a lot of professionalism in all activities regarding the process and accompaniment of their lawyers to appointments at USCIS. Thanks to that great team I am an American citizen.

nicole gonzalez


I want to publicly thank all the effort you made in my case so that I could obtain such a Longing Document. Thank you very much to each one. You are so professional that I am so grateful. My case was not easy but they did everything very professional. They treated me like family They responded immediately and the treatment was excellent Thank you very much you were my Angels I sent you blessings Lawyer Mercy Thank you Dayris Thank you etc blessings. I recommend them 100%

Yamileth Granados


A very professional team, they are always very aware of your case day by day. They work hard daily to provide good customer service. I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a good team of lawyers.

Thank you very much for helping me in my case.



I have started a great experience with this law firm, we have been able to communicate properly, they cleared up our doubts and they listened to each of the questions we had. I recommend them.

Viviana Forero Moreno


The lawyers are excellent but the customer service is the worst, they should put professional people, my respects for the law firm.



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