Chief Entertainment Officer


Kobe has grown up in an immigration law firm. Surrounded by staff and clients who love him, he started coming to work with Mercer from the tender age of 3 months.  As a puppy, Kobe enjoyed the attention and quickly learned who to go to the office for treats. While Kobe is a student of life, he received formal training at The Dog Knowledge.


Kobe currently serves as chief entertainment officer.  He spends most of his days lounging in the back office and offering emotional support to the entire Cauley Forsythe Law Group team. He also loves to sit behind the front desk to greet clients when they arrive.


Kobe is an American Mastiff weighing in at 225 lbs. He is a popular dog in uptown Charlotte. Kobe can rarely walk a block without someone stopping to take a picture with him or offer him food. Kobe’s favorite treats are chicken nuggets.